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Movies 2020

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2020-01-15 Thermae Romae 2012 4/5 A goofy and hilarious comedy of an ancient roman hot spring architect that finds himself connected to a modern Japanese girl. They travel in each other times, fun and drama ensues.
2020-02-02 Commando 1985 5/5 Schwarzenegger plays John Matrix, a super soldier whose daughter got kidnapped to force him to do a job. He takes the most sensible line of action: kill them all. Perfect action comedy movie. The plot is thin! There are glaring continuity mistakes! It is a terrible movie! Right? Wrong.
2020-02-09 Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! 1986 3/5 The first video game cartoon movie ever made! It was seven years before the movie with Bob Hoskins. Fun and colorful, but really weird… one wonders if the authors tried the Mario's mushrooms while writing it. Incredible ending though.
2020-02-15 Joker 2019 4/5 An origin story of the Joker character from Batman franchise. Nice, but really blatant in the message.
2020-02-19 Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 2014 3/5 The magic tablet, strangely corroding, goes to the British Museum to bring zany shenanigans and cultural clashes.
2020-02-19 Playing with Fire 2019 3/5 Smokejumpers, lead by the ultra macho Jake, need to take care of three kids until they parents arrive. Surreal and slapstick, but ultimately sweet and fun.
2020-02-23 Kindergarten Cop 2 2016 2/5 A rough policeman goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher. The movie wants to redo the success of its predecessor, but it misses too many points. No real threat… Continuity mistakes… Lack of drama… Dolph Lundgren in bad fight scenes? What?
2020-03-15 Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie 1996 4/5 The fastest hedgehog fights a metallic copy of himself… Nice plot and well done animation.
2020-03-22 Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 5/5 After two decades the fastest hedgehog arrives to the silver screen in a kid road-trip movie with real-life actors. Sonic, gone insane from isolation, runs, fights, and makes friends.
2020-07-05 City Hunter: The Cupid's Perfume 2019 5/5 Ryo Saeba (renamed Nick Larson in France) is back in a GREAT live action! The movie shows a perfect balance between realism and cartoonish craziness; between drama and comedy. Just like the source material.
2020-08-02 The Clones of Bruce Lee 1980 2/5 Bruce Lai, Bruce Le, Dragon Lee play clones of Bruce Lee as top assassins for the USA government… Absurd as it sounds, still weirdly charming and plenty (like 90% of the movie) of action.
2020-08-15 Yojimbo 1961 6/5 Sanjuro, a Ronin in the late Edo period, plays both sides of turf war to bring peace to a desolate country side village. …widely regarded as one of the greatest films ever made… It is.
2020-11-08 Dragons Forever 1988 5/5 Last movie with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao. Straightforward kung-fu movie showing off among the best fight scenes ever filmed… You say will “ouch,” “wow,” “painful,” many times during the movie…
2020-11-13 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 1978 5/5 Considered one of the best kung-fu movies with a reason. Simple (but well constructed) story, fantastic training scenes, memorable quotes…
2020-12-04 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part 2019 4/5 The conflict moves from father-son to bother-sister, still a great movie.

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