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Movies 2019

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2019-07-17 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2017 4/5 Jumanji becomes a video game to trap modern kids, fun ensues. The movies plays with cliches in a masterful way, any player from the '90-2000 will laugh.
2019-08-12 Hobo with a Shotgun 2011 5/5 In a awful and crime-ridden city where one wonders why the national guard does not arrive to burn everything to the ground a hobo decides to deliver justice; one shell at time. (R.I.P. Rutger Hauer)
2019-08-22 Monster, Inc. 2001 4/5 In the monster world human child scream is energy. But the wind of change is blowing…
2019-08-28 Monster University 2013 3/5 Some things cannot be taught, does not matter how strongly you work, you may not be able to realize your dreams. A fun cartoon with an unexpected dark message.
2019-08-28 Blue Amber 2018 3/5 A poignant and hearth-wreaking story about a young widow that start inquiring what is the value of life. She lost her beloved one and the insurance money does little to help the healing…
2019-09-02 Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw 2019 1/5 Statham plays Statham (Shaw) and Dwayne Johnson plays Hobbs. They have to work together to help Shaw's sister against an evil organization that sends against them a cyber super soldier. Boring and forgettable. Not a zero just because The Rock is there and few scenes were nice, like the protagonists intro.
2019-09-02 The Legend of Kung Fu - 5/5 Not a movie, but a theatrical performance in Beijing at the Red Theater. Simple and effective story, however memorable mainly for the extreme athleticism of the actors.
2019-09-09 Pokémon: Detective Pikachu 2019 3/5 Unexpectedly good story in the Pokemon world. Interesting world-building and unexpected twists. (Yes, Pokémon is part of the title…)
2019-09-09 Ralph Breaks the Internet 2018 2/5 A feast for the eyes, a joy to watch… The World Wide Web puts an heavy strain to Vanellope and Ralph friendship.
2019-09-17 Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 2010 4/5 Santa Claus isn't a jolly man who rewards the good, but an eldritch abomination who kidnaps and mutilates the naughty… Happy Christmas!
2019-10-16 The World's End 2013 5/5 A forty-years old man-child wants to track down his old friends and to try again an epic pub crawl he failed when he was in his late teens. During it, he stops an alien galactic conspiracy.
2019-10-29 Ghostbusters III 2016 4/5 TM2YC fan edit transforms a terrible movie in an actually nice one. Gone are whole minutes of nonsense to keep an enjoyable core.
2019-10-20 Godzilla Final Wars 2004 4/5 To celebrate 50 years of Godzilla here is a movie where it fights everyone… during an alien invasion.
2019-11-19 Be Kind Rewind 2008 5/5 Hilarious comedy with implicit messages of friendship, what makes a good neighborhood and what makes movies fun.
2019-12-18 2.0 2018 6/5 The fifth force is coming and Chitty is rebuilt to protect humanity. A well done grandiose tale about technology, its use, pollution and interest in the long term.

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