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Sword and Planet

D&D is built around the idea of playing Fantasy stories. There are usual ingredients like Elves, Dwarfs, magic and medieval weaponry. Here we want to use D&D5 as a base to develop a minimalist set of rules to play Space Operas instead. Basically: Fantasy, in Space!

As in Fantasy the heroes usually do not care about the some of intricacies of the real life (e.g., the long term effects of wounds or broken bones) in Space Opera the space travel is greatly simplified, technology and magic coexist (often they are essentially the same), and fun at the table is the most important objective.

As example of the kind of adventures we want think to He Man, Star Wars, or Flash Gordon among many others.


Playing D&D often players at the table forget that in the imaginary world are strange creatures. During the game, it almost seems that an Elf is pretty much a man that knows how to use the bow and does not sleep; a Dwarf is pretty much a short man that never leaves his armor.

So when designing new creatures we try to make them different and memorable, not only in the descriptions but overall in the mechanics. The idea is that when the player will use his special powers the table will remember how there is a strange being in the imaginary world.

Races List



Classes are based on the original Dnd5, but trying to fix balance problems or refluffing them to the new settings.



D&D5 is the base, we add few rules to manage the classic Space Opera situations.

Extra Rules

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