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The names are still placeholders.


Humans are among the most versatile races in the universe.

Creature type. Humanoid

Ability Score Increase. Your Ability Scores each increase by 1.

Age. Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live around a century.

Alignment. Humans do not have a favorite alignment.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Skills. You gain proficiency in one Skill, Tool or Vehicle.

Feats. You gain one Feat among the ones that ensure a +1 in an Ability Score.

BP evaluation

To increase all the Ability Scores costs 6BP, a single extra proficiency brings us to 7BP. Normally a free Feat costs 4BP, but since the list is limited among the ones that increase an Ability score I say it costs 2BP as 1BP for the Ability increase and another for the extra power. The final score of 9BP is in the middle of desired range of 8–10BP.


Noobsaibots are from the shadow planet of Blacky. They appear as humanoid whose skin is dark gray with light gray eyes with no pupils. But their signature characteristic is that can move around a second self called “shadow-self” that appears as a plain black silhouette of the original. In their planet are no colors and light is almost absent; so usually also they dress with shades of gray.

Creature type. Fey

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence Score increases by 1, another Ability Score increases by 1.

Age. Noobsaibots reach adulthood in their late teens and live a bit more than a century.

Alignment. Noobsaibots live in a secular and somewhat strict society born from the needs of a difficult planet. They tend to be Lawful Neutral.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 25 feet. Noobsaibots are unusually slow walking for creatures of their size.

Fragile body. Noobsaibots' shadowy bodies are more fragile than the ones of other races. You gain one HP less than usual per level, however you cannot gain less than 1 HP per level.

The shadow-self

The shadow-self has its own character sheet, just after splitting it is identical to the original. When original and shadow-self merge their conditions also merge and the Hit Points are set to the lowest of the two. For example: the original is Blind for a spell with 90HP, and the shadow-self is Deafened with 80HP. If they merge the original gets both effects and it has 80HP.

If the original body has effects and it splits from the shadow, also the shadow has the same effects. Please keep note, equipment can normally be worn by only one of the two bodies at the time, so for example the AC may be different.

Even if physically separated Noobsaibots and their shadows are a single creature with two bodies. So most elements are shared. When separated you can see father (both bodies have senses), have potentially have more reach (both bodies may hold weapons), you have four arms, and you have temporarily more Hit Points.

Other elements that are shared are: Actions (a Noobsaibot can take the action with the original or with the shadow, but not both. Yet, if you have Extra Attack you can attack with any of the four arms); Slots (it does not matter if the Spell starts from the original or from the shadow the spell slot is used, yet it is possible to have the Focus on the left hand of the original body and cast with shadow-self).

If the shadow-self dies (for example, for taking too much damage or because it has been pulled too far away or it has been for too long separated by his original) or the Noobsaibot dismisses it as Bonus Action, the original suffers damage of 1d4HP per level and it loses the ability of using his shadow-self until a long rest.

Shadow-self. Each Noobsaibot can move around a second self. Both the original and the shadow-self have up to 25 feet of movement per round. To split from or to merge with the shadow-self is free and it is possible to take or give back hold items as long the original has a ready appendage or vacant space. To split or merge, however, both bodies must have a non-zero speed.

Noobsaibots can stay separated from their shadow-self up for one minute. Besides, there must always be a clear path (not necessarily in straight line) between the original and his shadow-self up to 40 feet. The path is clear even if it has to pass through narrow passages or holes (like a keyhole).

For example: the Noobsaibot starts its turn, the shadow-self splits from the original and it moves left 5 feet taking the short sword and shield. The original unsheathe another long sword he had and both run ahead. The shadow-self already did 5 feet of movement so it can only moves other 20, the original moves 25 feet. The next turn, the original sheathes the long sword and they merge again. After the merge the original has in his hands the short sword and the shield. Had the original forgot to sheathe the long sword, then either the long sword or the short sword had to fall on the ground.

Superior darkvision. You and your shadow-self have 120 feet darkvision.

Enlightened senses. When you are merged with your shadow-self you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and on saving throws against being blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, stunned, and knocked unconscious.

Shadow-self unending breath. Shadow-selves can hold the breath indefinitely as long they are not incapacitated.

Shadow-self swap. As an action you can swap position with your shadow-self.

Shadow-self flexibility. The shadow-selves can pass freely through small passages and squeeze through tiny ones.

BP evaluation

The shadow-self power is difficult to evaluate, so let us start from the simpler powers. The superior darkvision costs 3BP, To have two heads normally costs 3.5BP, but Noobsaibots enjoy the effects only when they are merged with their shadow-self, considering that Noobsaibots will probably be spitted when fighting I consider it 2BP. Considering the slower than usual walking speed (-0.5BP) and the creature type (0.5BP). I count the HP penalty as -1BP. We are now to 4BP.

The shadow-self does not really increase the actions per round (Noobsaibots still have one action, one bonus action, movement, and one object iteration), but it gives a bit of freedom of movement and tactical advantage. I count it as 2BP. So we are now at 6BP.

Considering the +1 to Intelligence (+1BP) and the +1 to another Ability Score we are at 8.5BP.


Those automata are human souls trapped in living machines. Once human beings, now robotic nightmares created with the idea of making perfect, obedient, and powerful warriors or undetectable spies.

The creators underestimated how human souls would break any undesired control. So now this machines can be found both as faithful servants or roaming the world freely, but their true form that is of humans they can fell it only in dreams.

Creature type. Construct. You do not require food, drink, or sleep. See the ``trance'' ability.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution Score increases by 1.

Age. Time is not gentle with living beings, and similarly it is not gentle with machines. Automata function properly for 2 years, after they halt; after one century they are considered totally unrecoverable. However, with one week of maintenance in a sufficiently equipped garage by a knowledgeable team the body can be rejuvenated so that it lasts for other two years.

Alignment. Automata have the same alignment that they had when they were human. So usually the free ones are Chaotic, the faithful ones are Lawful.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Trance. You do not need sleep, but you can meditate deeply for 4 hours to get the effects of a long rest.

Laser-scanning darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. As an Action (or Bonus Action) you can activate or deactivate the laser-scanning, if you do so Magical Darkness will not impede your darkvision; but you will have disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Machinery. Your mechanical body ensures that:

  • You have advantage in any Saving Throw that should give you the Exhaustion condition. If the Saving Throw is not allowed you can still try a DC 15 Constitution Saving Throw with no advantage.
  • You are immune to poisons and to the poisoned condition.
  • You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
  • You do not need to breathe.

Smoke. As a Bonus Action, once per short rest, you can exude toxic smoke from your body for one minute. While emitting smoke any creature which starts its turn within 5 feet of you must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or be poisoned until the start of its next turn. The DC for this saving throw is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier. You must maintain concentration during that time as if you were casting a spell. If you lose concentration, affected creatures are no longer poisoned by this ability.

BP evaluation The Construct creature type costs 1BP; the ability increases are 2BP. About the Machinery power: it gives resistance against Exhaustion (0.25BP), a power mechanically equal to the fey ancestry (0.5), unending breath (0.5BP) and immunity to poison (2BP).

Finally the Smoke power is mechanically equivalent to the Stench power that costs 2BP. Finally the enhanced Darkvision costs 2.5BP.

10.25BP is higher than the usual range of 8–10, but most powers are defensive in nature so they can be extremely useful or just do not enter in play.


Goros are brutish race of gigantic humanoids with four arms.

Creature type. Giant.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increases by 2 and your Strength increases by 1 or vice-versa.

Speed. 30 feet.

Alignment. Goros value strength over anything else. Usually they are Chaotic Neutral.

Size. Usually around 2.1m to 2.3m tall, Goros' size is Medium.

Age. Goros usually consider one an adult at his 10th birthday, and live a bit more than fifty years.

Powerful build. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Four arms. You have four arms. See below for the general rule.

Strong arms. You can consider one weapon you are holding light and ignore its heavy property if it has one.

Great coordination. If you are holding a shield you use it whatever the other three arms are doing.

Icy breath. You can cast Ray of Frost as a cantrip, your casting stat for this spell is Dexterity.

Aggressive. As a bonus action, you can move up to your speed toward a hostile creature that you can see.

Grappler. You have advantage on attack rolls against a creature you are grappling.

BP evaluation

Goros are a kind of giants, but in order to keep things easy I put their size to Medium but gave powers to make them “feel big and powerful.”

Being a Giant costs 0.5BP, Powerful build costs 0.25BP, the Score Increases cost 3BP, and the four arms costs 1BP. We are at 4.75BP.

The strong arms open to better two-weapon fighting and open for extra opportunities for classes like the Kensei. It can be mildly useful so 1BP, we are at 5.75.

Natural armor of +2 costs 1BP, the ability of always using a Shield is weaker as more situational so 0.5BP. So we are at 6.25.

Then I make the Goro a bit more mystical with a breath weapon that mechanically works as a cantrip, so 0.5BP.

Finally for the flavor of being aggressive and being able to beat the crap of someone while holding him down with an arm gives the last two powers: Aggressive is another 1BP and Grapper for 1BP. (The Tyler Kamstra manual scores Grappler 2BP, but I think it is too much)

The final score is 8.75BP.


Mysterious predators of the planet Greeny. Raptors are elusive and clever reptilian creatures. The legend says they are all come from the ancient warriors Khameleon and Reptile.

Creature type. Beast.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increases by 2 and a mental stat increases by 1.

Speed. 30 feet.

Alignment. Raptors go with the idea of live and let live, unless you are food. As such they tend to be Neutral.

Size. Medium.

Age. Raptors protect their eggs and grow up their offpring for about five years. At that age younglings are able to hunt and find food by themselves and leave the nest, they are considered adults when they are 15 years old. Raptors live arond two centuries.

Tongue slap. Your tongue is rapidly extrudable and with a bit of innate magic you can use it as a weapon. The effects are the same of the Thorn Whip cantrip, but you need no Material components and instead of the titular whip you extrude your tongue. You can cast this altered Thorn Whip cantrip. Your casting stat for this spell is Dexterity.

Acid Spit. You can cast Acid Splash as a cantrip. Your casting stat for this spell is Dexterity.

Amphibious. You can breathe air and water.

Hidden Step. As a bonus action, you can magically turn invisible until the start of your next turn or until you attack, make a damage roll, or force someone to make a saving throw. After you use this ability, you can't use it again until you complete a short rest.

Mask of the Wild. You can attempt to hide even when you are only lightly obscured by foliage, heavy rain, falling snow, mist, and other natural phenomena.

Otherworldly Perception. You can sense the presence of any creature within 30 feet of you that is invisible or on the Ethereal Plane. You can pinpoint such a creature that is moving.

BP evaluation

The children of Khameleon and Reptile are Beasts this gives us -0.5BP because Beasts are affected by more spells than other creature types.

The Ability increases brings us to 3BP, the two cantrips cost 1BP; being able to breathe air and water costs 0.5BP, Mask of wild also costs 0.5. So now are are at 5BP.

The final powers are Hidden Step (2BP) and Otherworldly Perception (2.5) for an heavy 4.5BP. As sum we have 9.5BP.


Together with Raptors, the other intelligent life form of Greeny. Groots are basically trees with a humanoid shape. They look like beautiful Elfs or Men, but their bodies look made completely of wood and their hair made of moss, leaves, and flowers changing following the seasons.

Creature Type. Plant.

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and your Constitution increase by 1.

Size. From around 1.5m when they reach maturity they grow steadily but slower and slower. No groots taller than 2.2m have ever been witnessed. Your size is Medium.

Age. Groots reach maturity around 20 years old and they are functionally immortal.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet and you have a climb speed of 30 feet.

Alignment. Groots are able to move, but as plants they do not mind staying under the sun and simply living a tranquil life. They tend to be Neutral.

Damage Vulnerability. You are vulnerable to fire damage.

Camouflage. You have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks made to hide in terrains with trees like forests or swamps.

Darkvision. 60 feet

Tree Stride. Once per turn as a bonus action, you may enter a tree at least one size larger than you and emerge from another tree nearby. To do this, spend 10 or more feet of your movement (in 5 feet increments). You then emerge from another tree within a distance equal to twice the movement you spent. You emerge 5 feet from the tree in an unoccupied space of your choice.

Unwavering Heart. You are immune to the charmed and frightened conditions.

Weapons of the Forest. As a bonus action your may grow wooden armaments from your body, creating a single club and/or a shield. If the club or shield leaves your hands for more than 1 minute, or if you form a new one, the existing one withers away to nothing. Beginning at third level, once per short rest, you may choose to imbue the club with magic treating it as a magic weapon for one minute.

Flexible or tough wood. You can have the club grown by the Weapons of the Forest deal 2d4 of damage instead of the usual 1d4 or. have Natural Armor such that when unarmored your AC is 12 plus your Dexterity. You decide at character creation.

BP evaluation

To be done, but it should be around 9BP as this creature is very similar to the the Wood Woad from the Tyler Kamstra manual


Granamyrs are a race of small dragons. They share many similarities with the real dragons, but are more humanoid in shape, smaller, and have prehensile hands.

Creature Type. Dragon.

Ability Score Increase. An Ability increases by 1.

Age. Young Granamyrs grow quickly. They walk hours after hatching, attain the size and development of a 10-year-old human child by the age of 3, and reach adulthood by 15. They live to be around 80.

Alignment. While exceptions are quite common, Granamyrs alignment tend to be the same of the kind of true dragon they are affine to.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30 feet.

Winged or Wrym. You can either have wings and or have a spiky shell. You decide at character creation. If you have the wings then you gain a Flying Speed of 20 feet that you can use only when wearing light or no armor; if you have the spiky shell you cannot wear armors but you have a base AC of 17 (your Dexerity does not effect this number). N.b., spiky shells do not prevent the use of Shields.

Dragon magic. You can always cast spells as though you were holding the component pouch.

Draconic affinity. You have affinity with one kind of true dragons, select a line from the table. The affinity decides how is the shape and type of your breath weapon. You decide at character creation.

Dragon Damage Type Breath Weapon
Black Acid 5 by 30 feet line (Dex save)
Blue Lightning 5 by 30 feet line (Dex save)
Brass Fire 5 by 30 feet line (Dex save)
Bronze Lightning 5 by 30 feet line (Dex save)
Copper Acid 5 by 30 feet line (Dex save)
Gold Fire 15 feet cone (Dex save)
Green Poison 15 feet cone (Con save)
Red Fire 15 feet cone (Dex save)
Silver Cold 15 feet cone (Con save)
White Cold 15 feet cone (Con save)

Breath Weapon. Once per short rest, you can use your Action to exhale destructive energy in front of you. When you use your breath weapon, each creature in the area of the exhalation must make a saving throw. The area of effect, the type of saving throw allowes, and the type of damage depends on your draconic affinity as in the table. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. A creature takes 2d6 damage on a failed save and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level (3d6), 11th level (4d6), and 17th level (5d6).

Damage Resistance. You have damage resistance against the damage type of your breath weapon. If the damage type is Poison, then you gain Immunity instead.

Hold breath. You can hold our breath for 15 minutes.

BP evaluation

Granamyrs are dragons and as such are of course are difficult to do as race. Being a Dragon costs 0.5BP. The flexible Ability Increases cost 1.5BP. Dragons fly or have spiky shells, the slow Fly speed costs 3BP, the natural armor costs 3.5. Considering the flight, we are already at 5BP.

Granamyrs depending on the “color” have a favorite element that costs 4BP: 2BP for the Resitance and 2BP for the breath weapon. Since we are at 9BP there is little space for extra powers, but Innate Focus (0.25BP) and Hold Breath (0.25BP) are thematic and a bit useful. Final score: 9.5BP or 10BP with the Spiky Shells.


Nadziranim look like three feet tall Men composed of evanescent water. In the trasparent water are flows of vividly colored lights and bright lines in constant movement, only the head is somewhat stable and appears as a black blob with yellow bright eyes. Given their bewildering appearance when around the universe they usually cover almost completely using robes, hats, gloves, and scarfs. Doing so they appear as little men floating around. Few non-Nadziranim actually know how they look like under all those clothes.

Creature Type. Fiend.

Size. Small.

Speed. 0 feet. Your legs are simply not strong enough to move you around.

Flight. You have a flying speed of 30 feet and you can hover.

Ability Score Increase. Charisma increases by 2, another Ability increases by 1.

Skill. You gain proficiency in the Knowledge Arcana Skill.

Telepathy. You can communicate telepathically with any creature that knows a language within 30 feet.

Freeze. If you take cold damage, you partially freeze; your speed is reduced by half until the end of your next turn.

Natural magic. You can cast *Light* and *Mage Hand* as cantrip. Upon reaching 3rd level, you can cast the *Disguise Self* spell once per long rest. Your casting stat is Charisma.

Unstable Form. Your body is not completely rigid and your limbs often fluctuate in size and shape as you move. Squeezing you can pass through gaps as narrow as one inch. You are immune to the Prone condition. And you are unable to wear armor, but you may still use shields.

Strange shape. You have advantage on ability checks and saving throws made to escape a grapple.

BP evaluation

Nadziranim are indeed weird creatures whose name comes from the Lone Wolf mythos. The race is a mix between Orko from HeMan and the original Nadziranim. As a matter of fact for many years I thought Orko was shapeless just like a Lone Wolf Nadziran.

The type of the creature [0.5BP], its size [-1BP], and the ability increases [3.5BP] cost 3BP; Lone Wolf's Nadziranim are made of smoke and light, but to make the race less alien instead I made it a blob of strange bright colorful water. This brings few powers: no armors [-3BP], immunity to being prone [0.5BP], advantage to escape grapple [0.5BP] this powers gives us -2BP. For flavour the race is weak in a fun sense against cold damage. (-0.5BP)

Nadziranim cannot walk [-2.5BP], but they can fly [4BP] and hover [2BP]. This movements cost 3.5BP.

To underline how those are magical creatures I gave two cantrips [1BP], one spell [1BP] and the Knowledge Arcana Skill [1BP]. It costs 3BP.

Telepathy is very apropos for such a strange being and it cashes with the high Charisma. It costs other 2BP. The final score is 9.


Free background

Creature Type. Humanoid.

Size. Medium.

Speed. 30ft.

Ability Score Increase. Wisdom increases by 2.

Skill. You gain proficiency in the Survival Skill.

Animal Shape. Once per long rest, you can transform into your Spirit Animal. This transformation last for up 1 hour and you can only assume the form of the spirit animal described in your subrace. This feature, ignoring level requirements, is otherwise identical to the Wild Shape class feature of the Druid.

Animal Tribe. Your tribe is related to a particular animal spirit which grants you some benefits and the corresponding form for the animal shape. Choose one of the following subraces: Bear, Spider, Eagle, Snake, Boar.



Ability Score Increase. Strength increases by 1.

Animal Spirit. Brown Bear.

Powerful build. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.

Siege Monster. You deal double damage to objects and structures.

Claws. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d6 damage on a hit.

Keen Smell. You gain advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell.


Ability Score Increase. Dexterity increases by 1.

Animal Spirit. Giant Spider.

Climb Speed. 20ft.

Ambusher. You have advantage on attack rolls against any creature you have surprised.

Shadow Stealth. While in dim light or darkness, you can take the Hide action as a bonus action.

Web Walker. You ignore movement restrictions caused by webbing.


Ability Score Increase. Charisma increases by 1.

Animal Spirit. Giant Eagle.

Far Sight. You can see up to 1 mile with no difficulty, able to discern even fine details as though looking at something no more than 100 feet away from you. Additionally, dim light does not impose disadvantage on your Wisdom(Perception) checks.

Mountain Born. You’re acclimated to high altitude, including elevations above 20,000 feet. You’re also naturally adapted to cold climates, as described in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.


Ability Score Increase. Intelligence increases by 1.

Animal Spirit. Poisonous Snake.

Poison Immunity. You are immune to poison damage, and immune to the poisoned condition.

Excellent Reflexes. You can take one more reaction each round.


Ability Score Increase. Constitution increases by 1.

Animal Spirit. Boar.

Earth Walk. You can move across difficult terrain made of earth or stone without expending extra movement.

Exhaustion Immunity. You are immune to exhaustion.

Sure Footed. You have advantage on Strength and Dexterity saving throws and ability checks made against effects that would knock it prone.

Toughness. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.

Brave. You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

Thick Skin. Your AC increases by +1.

BP evaluation The ability score increasing, considering also the subrace, costs 3 BP. The proficiency in one skill costs 0.5 BP. The BP cost of the Animal Shape feature depend on the subraces, so we have a basic cost of 3.5 BP.

The Bear subrace has the following costs: Brown Bear spirit animal 3 BP, Claws 1.5 BP, Keen Smell 0.5 BP, Powerfull Build 0.25 BP, Siege Monster 0.5 BP. For a total of 9.25 BP.

The Spider subrace has the following costs: Giant Spider spirit animal 3 BP, Climb speed 0.5 BP, Ambusher 1 BP, Web Walker 0.5 BP, Shadow Stealth 1 BP. For a total of 9.5 BP.

The Eagle subrace has the following costs: Giant Eagle spirit animal 4 BP, Far Sight 0.5 BP, Mountain Born 0.25 BP. For a total of 8.25.

The Snake subrace has the following costs: Poisonous Snake spirit animal 0.5 BP, Excelent Reflexes 3 BP, Poison Immunity 2 Bp. For a total of 9 BP.

The Boar subrace has the following costs: Boar spirit animal 1 BP, Earth walk 0.5 BP, Exhaustion Immunity 0.5 BP, Sure-footed 0.25 BP, Toughness 0.5 BP, Brave 0.5 BP, Thick Skin 2 BP. For a total of 8.75 BP

Rules for more than two arms

You have more than two arms and may hold and use items in each of your hands. If you have Extra Attacks, when you take the Attack action you may make each of your attacks using any weapon you are holding. When you take the Attack action and attack with a weapon which qualifies for use with two-weapon fighting, you can use a bonus action to attack with a different qualifying weapon. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack unless the modifier is negative or you have an ability which allows you to add your ability modifier to the bonus attack granted by two-weapon fighting. If you choose to make this additional attack, you may not benefit from using a shield until the beginning of your next turn. If you use a weapon with the Heavy property or use a Versatile weapon two-handed you may not benefit from using a shield until the beginning of your next turn, but you may switch between multiple Heavy or Versatile weapons with each attack


Monstrous Races

Tyler Kamstra did a great job to convert each and every creature of the Monster Manual in a player race. The race are meant to be equilibrated and playable. Even when started from apparently absurd creatures like the Gas Spore.

It is a great read to have inspiration and to learn about a metodology for making new player races.

Monstrous Races

Monstrous Races 2

The Balance Points (BP) mentioned in this page come from those books.

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