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Creating textures

The favorite texture format the .dds (DirectDraw Surface); it can be uncompressed or compressed with or without alpha.

Textures Names

Some part of the material texture are just free files:

X diffuse
X_n normal
X_nh normal (rbg) + displacement (in the alpha channel)
X_spec specular

Other needs .nif model edit, the name is then freeform. But usually are called as the first column.

X_ao detail map in the nif
X_glow glow map in the nif

ImageMagick to create textures

Uncompressed: $ convert input.png -define 'dds:compression=none'

Compressed without alpha: $ convert input.png -define 'dds:compression=dx1'

Compressed with alpha: $ convert input.png -define 'dds:compression=dx5'

To make the nh we need to combine normal and displacement, one can do:

convert normal.png displacement.png -compose copy-opacity -composite 'dds:compression=dx5'

One has to be sure that displacement.png is grayscale mode without alpha channel.

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