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Title Year What I know
2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Is Kubrick classic of Sci-Fi really good?
2010: The Year We Make Contact 1984 Sequel to the Kubrick movie.
Baby Driver 2007 Another action film from the Hot Fuzz director.
Equilibrium 2002 Underrated sci-fi movie.
Galaxina 1980 Space comedy spoofing common movies of the time.
Gattaca 1997 A genetic inferior man illegally tries to replace a superior one to join the space program.
Hawk the Slayer 1980 British sword and sorcery.
Heavy Metal 2000 2000 Sequel of a cult-status science-fantasy adult cartoon
Ma che bella sorpresa 2015 Italian surreal love comedy.
Mom and Dad Save the World 1992 Weird title, black comedy… What can possibly go wrong?
Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity 1987 Bikini-clad space prison escapees meet weird space monsters.
The Being 1983 Cult horror movie with a monster eating people in rural America.
The Prophecy 1995 Gabriel looks for a evil soul on Earth. Also Aragorn eats a heart.
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