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To use virt-manager, the user needs to be part of the libvirt group:

# gpasswd -a $(whoami) libvirt

virt-manager has its own networks, by default it uses the network default. One might need to activate it:

# virsh net-start default

It is also possible to set it up so it activates automatically:

# virsh net-autostart default

Useful commands

Mount Qemu image

Qemu nbd allows to connect qcow2 files with a block device

# modprobe --first-time nbd
# qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 <path of the .qcow2 file>

Now /dev/mbd0 is a block device connected to the qcow2 file.

To disconnect use:

# qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd0

To share a directory

In Windows share using the GUI and in Linux open the following path with your explorer:

 smb://<ip address>/<share name>

It needs the gvfs-smb package. At the moment I managed to make it work only with an empty password.

Depending on the Windows version Samba may not support the protocol anymore. If everything fails, one can share via HTTP:

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